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Change vehicle as a police jeep


The Kokmaduwa Police Station on the Southern Expressway said that a jeep with fake number plates similar to a jeep used by the Police Department was apprehended along with the driver during a suspicious search on the Southern Expressway.

The jeep was traveling from Colombo to Kokmaduwa on the Southern Expressway on the morning of the 8th when it was exiting the Kokmaduwa entrance and was inspected by police officers on duty at the scene.

The police stated that a fake sticker had been affixed to the jeep instead of the number plate and that the driver of the jeep did not have a valid driver’s license and his National Identity Card to identify him.

He also said that the original color of the jeep had been changed to a jeep similar to the one used by the Police Department and that a sticker had been used to change the number plates in a short period of time.

The back seats of the jeep had also been removed and a number of police stations in the island would be called to investigate whether the suspect had committed any illegal acts using the jeep.

The arrested suspect has been identified as a 45 year old businessman residing in Boralesgamuwa area.

Police Sergeant (61921) Daminda, Police Constables (89501) Lokuge and Police Driver (17069) Wasantha were involved in the arrest under the direction of OIC of the Kokmaduwa Police Station NAN Pushpakumara on the Southern Expressway.


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