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A 13-year-old girl who was killed by the Incas about 500 years ago.


The frozen body was found in 1999 in a snow-covered area at the top of the Lulailaku Mountains.
She and two other children were thus sacrificed to God by the Incas. Their bodies have also been found, but they are not as safe as they should be, according to a foreign website. Moreover, she still has lice on her head.

She was sacrificed to the gods in a religious ritual called Cappakova, and according to the Incas, they did not die. Surprisingly, the causative agent was still alive in her body, but a scientist named Cortells said it had not yet been determined whether it was a contagious disease. Through the winds and snowstorms, archaeologists found an area with rectangular walls, dug five feet of rock and soil, and finally found an Incan cemetery. But the other two were a bit rotten. The other two children, aged between 4 and 5, were found on the same mountain, along with gold, silver, statues, textiles, food containers, helmets and a hawk of unidentified bird feathers.

The person who first saw her was horrified to see her. That’s because she’s not a person who died 500 years ago, but someone who is alive.


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