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Namal rajapaksha’s reaction for his Tiktok vedio.


Namal Rajapaksa has posted a Facebook post appreciating a tiktok video made on behalf of Minister Namal Rajapaksa.
Minister Namal Rajapaksa has also given advice on the use of social media in the post. Namal’s statement was,
You are the most valuable thing ..
I realized that I had met Pina before ..
Even on the first day of seeing ..
Good design Sajeewa Dissanayake Congratulations on continuing to create like this.
I should also mention something about social media. I believe that the creation of social media is important not for character assassinations but for social welfare as well as for contributing to good behavior in society. “

එම Tiktok වීඩියෝව පහතින්.


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