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Bollywood Actresses payment.


Deepika Padukone

Actress Deepika Padukone is the highest paid actress in Bollywood for a film and she earns Rs. 290 million or US $ 3.9 million.

Shraddha Kapoor-

The second highest grossing Shraddha film is IND660 million (US $ 3.5 million).

Alia Bath-

Alia charges Rs.220 million for the third highest grossing Bollywood film.

Katrina Kaif-

A movie in Bollywood charges Rs. 210 million.

Kangana Ranaut-

Ranavuth, who started acting at the age of 18, is an actress who has won the attention of the audience by appearing in erotic scenes. She charges Rs. 200 million for a film.


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