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Thalatha went to the IDH to see Pavithra.


We all know by now that the Minister of Health of our country has also been infected with the corona virus. She is currently receiving treatment at the IDH Hospital, Angoda National Institute of Infectious Diseases. It is learned that MP Thalatha has inquired about Minister Pavithra’s health in this manner based on her personal friendship despite being in two opposition camps. Despite the risk to her friendship, she has approached the gate of the IDH Hospital. The Wanniarachchi family and the Athukorala family are two political families in the Ratnapura district. Minister Pavithra and MP Thalatha were educated at the Ferguson College, Ratnapura. Both have studied law at the Colombo Law College and are both lawyers. Although they attended the same school and the same law school, their two political camps differed. However, they did not allow their two political camps to hinder their friendship. This is a very valuable example to our ordinary people to divide and conquer politically. Moreover, we can point out that this is a very good example that politics has no eternal enemies or eternal friends.


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